Cat Urinary Tract: Food To Maintain Feline Urinary Health

August 23, 2009

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When you consider the methods for maintaining the health of your cat’s urinary tract, food naturally comes to mind as one of the best ways to keep them healthy. But there are a number of foods that can make your cat ill, and can even be highly detrimental to their continued health. We’ll begin by listing the foods you should definitely never give to your cat.

A common problem is when the cat is sharing the home with a dog, and the cat is tempted to eat the dog food. While nutritionally perfectly balanced for canines, felines will be short changed eating this food. It does not contain the amounts of taurine or protein needed to meet the nutritional requirements of cats, and continued eating will result in illness for your kitty.

Many people will also feed their cat the scraps from their own dinner and once again the food that we eat is not of the correct nutritional balance that is sufficient to ensure that the cat has optimal health.

Just as chocolate is toxic to dogs, the same applies to cats and you should ensure that you never give your cat chocolate to eat otherwise it could become very ill and even die.

Never allow your cat to eat bones. Bones have a tendency to splinter, and the shards will stick your cat’s throat and lodge in their intestinal tract, causing damage and painful injury.

Save yourself both money and emotional trauma by giving your cat the recommended diet the contains the correct balance of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals that they need to keep healthy. Specifically for a cat with urinary tract issues, food recommendations are to give them canned food in good quantities, as the moisture they get from this will offset the dehydration that is a trigger for UTIs.

In addition to your cat’s urinary tract food recommendations, don’t forget that water is also needed to prevent infections from recurring. Be sure to keep a supply of fresh, clean water for them to drink, particularly if you cannot get your cat to eat canned food. Water becomes especially important to replace the moisture after a cat consumes dry food.

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