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Before You Buy a Puppy: Demand a Puppy Fax!

April 3, 2019

Buying a puppy can be likened to buying a used car. When the cars history is not known, smart shoppers demand a Car Fax report. Whether you are buying a used car or a puppy, the less educated you are, the more likely you will have expensive problems. The only way you will know for certain how a puppys mother was cared for; before, during, and post litter is to know the Breeder. Alas, buying direct from a Breeder is no guarantee that your puppy will be healthy! Breeders are often as ignorant of how to properly feed and supplement, as is the majority of MDs and Veterinarians in this country.

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Infection In Bladder Of Dogs – Stop The Pain With Natural Treatments For Canine Bladder Illness

March 10, 2019

You can find non-prescription, natural remedies for treating an infection in bladder of dogs. If your dog is suffering terribly from the pain of a canine bladder blockage then this weighs heavy on your heart. Though bladder problems in dogs be terribly uncomfortable, there are safe, gentle options for treatment him which mediate the pain and your dog’s overall health.

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Doga, the New Dog Walk!

February 2, 2019

Walking the dog is so last season! Playing fetch with your dog is yesterday’s news! Now dog lovers are turning to Doga to get exercise with their dogs! Doga, the very unique act of performing yoga moves with your dog has been bubbling under the surface for years now but recently word has spread and thousands and thousands of dog lovers and yoga enthusiasts are turning to this fun exercise! And perhaps rightly so, it’s good for you, it’s good for your dog and its fun!

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Dog Hydrotherapy – It’s amazing How it Works!

December 7, 2018

An important component in the rehabilitation for ones dog is aquatic therapy, which provides the buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, viscosity and resistance as well as the surface tension. How water effects the body is easy to understand through all the basic principles of water and its properties. The upward thrusting of water upon the body is the buoyancy which decreases the weight of the body when immersed in it. This decreases the amount of pain in the dog, by minimizing the amount of weight that is placed on the muscles and painful joints, all aiding in the rehabilitation.

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Healthy Dog Food

October 29, 2018

The desire for healthy food appears to apply just as much to humans and their animals, because many animal owners prefer to buy organic products to feed man’s best friend. One could be forgiven for being taken aback by the large amount of organic dog food available on the market. Just as for humans, there are many of pet illnesses that one could cure or even prevent in the first place by the use of organic pet food.

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