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Organic Dog Shampoo

September 8, 2018

Organic shampoos are great for your pets as well as for you. Just like humans, your pet can develop skin irritation and allergies. The source can be caused by dust mites, dry skin, bugs, however, the majority of the time skin irritation is caused by chemicals in pet shampoo. You will do you pet a favor by switching to organic dog shampoo.

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The Battle With Dog Fleas Can Be Won

August 30, 2018

Fleas have to be the most annoying thing that most pet owners inevitably deal with at one time or another. The hardest part of getting rid of fleas is that they seem to just keep coming back. Most often the reason that fleas “keep coming back” is that you never fully got rid of them in the first place. The second you notice your pet might have fleas, you have to start the flea control process immediately, as time is of the essence when it comes to stopping fleas from multiplying.

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Learn More About Dog Allergies With Our Tips

August 6, 2018

Dog allergies result in uncontrollable itching, and forcing the dog to lick and scratch himself until sores develop on his body. These sores can grow to be infected, accumulate pus and become very agonizing. With persistent attacks, some dogs eventually end up with their hair falling out. By giving regular bath to the dog with cold water and shampoo, this allergy can be arrested.

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Understanding the Terms that Define Your Pet’s Cancer

July 31, 2018

Over the last month, your dog lost a few pounds, seemed a little listless and could not tolerate much exercise. When he decided he no longer felt like eating, however, alarm bells sounded and you had him to the vet the same day. Your vet ran some blood work, shot a few x-rays to back up the findings and now you are sitting in an exam room with your faithful companion and wondering how you missed the warning signs for cancer.

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Cat Health Problems – Treatment Advice

July 7, 2018

Are your feline friends getting the treatments that they should to avoid health problems? You might say he or she gets their shots, but do they get the necessary prevention for other cat health problems? To find out more about health problems for your feline friends, you can find it here in this article.

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