Cats Drinking Juices

October 21, 2010

in Cat Health

Cats are carnivorous. They always like to have meat, egg, diary like products. Actually, the cat doesn’t like to have other things like milk, vegetable – base foods, bread, juices. The digestive system of the cat is not the same as that of the human.

Sometimes cats like to have cows milk. But we should not provide it frequently .it contains lot of lactose which is not good for the cat. It will create diarrhea for the cat. There is special type of milk product especially for the cat they are not containing the lactose in it .because the lactose may cause digestive problems, Gas problems and diarrhea.

The human physical activity and the cats physical internal activity is entirely different from each other, most of the human foods includes of the garlic and the onion. The major chemical in the onion and the garlic is responsible for the destruction of the red blood cells in the cats. The potatoes and the peas will produce gas problems and the alkaloid present in it is also toxic to cats. That will affect the cat in a serious manner.

The cats are subjected to coma if it takes alcoholic beverages. The bones and other hard substances present in the meat and fish will get stuck into the small gastrointestinal track and leave it to even death sometimes. So we should be very aware about our pet. The vitamin C deficiency will produce appetite in the cat when it takes the fish. The electrolyte imbalance will happen if we provide the cat with lot of salted materials. The internal digestive system of the cat will affected if we provide it with the mushroom. Feeding the cat with spoiled meat will give some kind of bacteria’s like E Coli and some other bacteria which will lead to digestive problems and diarrhea. The presence of the chocolates in the food of the cat will give it heart related problem, because the chocolate is made up of caffeine and its related chemicals.

All the citrus fruits are much acidic in nature. Especially the orange juice is highly acidic. By the nature of food habit of the cat, the cat will never like to have the orange juice .but sometimes when the cat get used to it. It will take the juice and it will create lot of problems in the car internal digestive system leaving it to the state of death.

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