Cats Like To Climb, And Cat Trees Can Solve A Lot Of Indoor Problems

March 16, 2010

in Cats

There is no doubt cats like to climb in and around things, and indoor cat trees can offer your cat hours of fun activity and exercise. They come in a very wide assortment of sizes, design and colors and they are easy enough to build that if you have special needs or want one in a place that a pre made won’t fit, you can build it yourself.

Pre-made cat trees are available at most pet stores. You’ll find they are usually made of wood that’s covered with carpeting. You can find them with just one climbing platform and others will have multiple platforms and a kitty house on the top or throughout. The benefits of these types of climbing trees are enormous to the health of your kitty.

If you already have a cat you’re aware how much they prefer to sit or rest above the action in your home, you’ll find them on the tops of things such as your refrigerator, perhaps a bookcase, the top of your closet or even the TV. A cat tree can allow them to solve this need by giving them a place all there own.

Cats who have cat trees wind up exercising more than those who do not, especially if they are a totally indoor cat who doesn’t get a chance to run and play outdoors. In order for your cat not to become overweight you’ll need to supply ways that they can exercise and the more natural it is, the more they’ll do it. In fact, many of the climbing trees offer areas for you to hang toys or put toys to encourage your cat a bit more.

One of the easiest of the indoor house items you can build for your kitty, you’ll just need basic building skills, and measurement in order to design a one of a kind type cat tree. Just make sure that you purchase good foundation materials, as there will be several pounds of kitty running up and down the cat tree before you know it.

Look for carpeting that accents your decor, and if you’re on a budget, look to remnants to cover the wood on the cat tree. Be sure not to purchase inferior building materials as it needs to stand on it’s own with several pounds of kitty playing on it.

Whether you choose to build your own cat trees or purchase one already made, remember it’s not just about allowing your cat the thrill of climbing. It’s about offering your indoor cat a chance to exercise in a healthy way and yet still keep the cat hair from inundating your closet.

You can find cat trees for sale just about anywhere pet products are sold. Look in your favorite pet store and don’t forget the online possibilities. If you’re on a budget, perhaps building your own or looking for sales at the pet stores. Remember if you purchase online that you’ll have to add in the shipping charges to get a real comparison with your traditional pet store costs.

When it comes to cats, they have certain instincts and needs and you can solve a lot of them with cat tree furniture more specifically a cat scratching tree .

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