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February 4, 2010

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A cat might be a pet an also a chum. If you want the feline to be with you for the longer term, it has benefits to grasp proper cat care. Before getting one from the pet shop or animal shelter, be sure to have a bed, dish bowl and litter box prepared. By giving them their own space, they can be in a position to agree to the new environment that you made for them.

Since the cat will explore round the house and might even go out, it is endorsed to put a collar around its neck which has your name, contact number and address so in case it rambles off, one of your neighbors will be in a position to return it. Another choice is to insert a microchip under their skin. Putting this device into the feline is equivalent to giving it a vaccination. Aside from using it only to spot the cat if it is becoming lost, it also has another purpose which is a flea obstruction because it has got a chemical that helps keep these bugs away.

You may only buy high quality cat food for your pet. These should be loaded in protein that may come from beef, fish or chickens. These are available either in canned or Kibble and most diet consultants agree that a mixture of both is perfect so they don’t develop food addictions.

One thing you may never feed a cat is chocolate as it has certain chemicals that would be fatal for them. Apart from food, you may give your cat food supplements like Omega three trans-acids and Taurine which is an essential amino acid. Do not forget to bring your cat once or more a year to the vet. This is to check on your pet’s state of health as well as giving the once a year vaccination shots. You must know the older the cat gets, such visits to the vet should be done every six months because they also age.

If there’s a controversy or suspect that something isn’t right, drive down to the vet even if you don’t have an appointment. Remember that when it comes to working with felines, this pro is the expert. Cats have the power to wash themselves but they can only do so much on their lonesome. While they are young, they should get used to the concept of giving them a bath. Once dried, their hairs should be brushed so it isn’t getting tangled.

You need to trim their nails so they do not scratch too hard and hurt themselves or maybe you. Since they adore to scrape and this could mean damage to your furniture, make efforts to also have a scratch pad nearby positioned by their bed or the furniture. House cats must be kept inside. This may hinder them from coming into contact with other animals that could be carriers of infectious sicknesses that could be lethal to them. If ever you go out, confirm all of the windows and doors are locked.

Long term cat care may let it live for ten years or longer. If others can do it, so are you able to. Just remember that it’s a responsibility that you were given yourself into so make the best of it.

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