Causes Of Hair Loss In Cats

July 11, 2009

in Cats

Several health conditions can cause hair loss in cats. Hair loss in cats is often concentrated in one area and differs from natural shedding.

The most common cause of hair loss in cats and dogs is a flea allergy. If the pet is allergic to flea saliva, a flea infestation can cause patches of hair loss. The hair loss can be made worse if the cat scratches the flea bites.

In addition to flea allergies, allergies to things in the cats environment can cause allergic reactions and hair loss. Chemicals, dust, pollen, metals, medications, and other substances can cause hair loss from allergies.

Hair loss in cats can be caused by folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles. After a veterinarian diagnoses folliculitis, it is usually treated with antibiotics. Cat hair loss can be a symptom of other infections.

Cat hair loss can be caused by ringworm which is a fungal infection. There are medications and dips that treat ringworm.

Hyperthyroidism can cause hair loss in cats. Some cats with hyperthyroidism develop skin lesions and hair loss. The hair may easily pull out which can cause hair loss when the cat grooms itself or during brushing.

Some cats develop a nervous habit of excessive grooming in reaction to stress. This excessive grooming can cause cat hair loss.

Hair loss in cats can be caused by sunburn. White cats are susceptible to sunburn on their ears. The ears can be protected with suntan lotion.

Pregnancy and nursing can cause a female cat to have hair loss. Hair loss from pregnancy is sometimes called blowing her coat.

Some cat hair loss is a genetic characteristic of certain cat breeds. Hairless cat breeds may have kittens that have some hair. These kittens may lose some or most of their hair as they mature.

Cats tend to have a thinner hair thickness on their foreheads due to the scent glands that are present there. A cat owner may mistake this thinner fur as a sign of cat hair loss.

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