Celebrities Who Spend Their Lives With Felines.

September 23, 2009

in Cats

For centuries we have been enthralled and entranced by felines. The ancient Egyptians are credited with being the first to domesticate cats; after this, they were bred and carried abroad by travelers who knew that they were perfect for companionship and as exotic beauties.

The Broadway Musical “Cats” is an excellent example of how these animals can influence artists in different periods of time.

Major literary works have included cats as central characters such as L. Tolstoy’s “Master and Margarita.” They were also important companions for celebrities such as Sir Winston Churchill, who insisted that his cat, Jock, was at the table before any meal was to begin.

To prevent his cats from letting in too much sunlight by opening the door into dark the laboratory, Sir Isaac Newton, invented the cat flap, now known as door flap. Invented in the 17th century, door flap is still a much needed article to help cats circulate in and out of the house.

Nikola Tesla, a prodigious inventor was first struck with question “What is electricity?” in early childhood while petting his cat Macak. Sparks produced by the repetitive contact of his palm with the cat’s fur pushed Tesla to later make phenomenal discoveries in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering!

The elegance of cat’s movements, their soothing purr and beautiful eyes make everyone appreciate them. Now, there are lots of “Cat Lovers” clubs, fancy grooming salons and cat clothing lines. Cats are appreciated by their owners so much that they have been known to go on shopping sprees just for their cats and buy things such as the frontline for cats.

However cats are not only pleasant to the eye they also have certain therapeutic virtues. According to a study published in 2002 by professors Allen K, Blascovich J, Mendes WB, of the State University of New York , contact with cats can help lower high blood pressure. In their article entitled “Cardiovascular reactivity and the presence of pets, friends, and spouses: the truth about cats and dogs”, they provide evidence on the way cats help moderate reaction to stress and improve one’s health.

Cats are low maintenance, house animals, that is one of the reasons for their popularity in North America. According to a research conducted in 2007 by the American Veterinary Medical Association , there are over 82 million cats, kept as pets in the United States. According to Wikipedia , cats kept exclusively indoors, benefit from a longer life span. They are less exposed to bacteria and diseases, are safe from cat fight injuries and are not exposed to risks caused by motor vehicles. However keeping a cat indoors or letting it out, is a purely personal choice, that depends on many circumstances. However loving your cat is a must. We are responsible for those we take in. Let us not, let them down.

Sigmun Freud once said that “Time spend with a cat is never wasted.

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