Characteristics Of Maine Coon Cats

July 23, 2009

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Maine coon cats are hardy cats with a sturdy build and thick coats. Two of the distinguishing characteristics of Maine Coon cats are their heavily-tufted ears and bushy, brush-like tail.

Many legends tell stories about the origin of the Maine Coon cat. One such legend is that the Maine Coon cat breed originated from the mating of raccoons and feral domestic cats. This is not genetically possible.

When considering their origin in Maine, the physical characteristics are obvious adaptations to the brutal winters there. Maine Coon cats grow thick, longhaired coats and have tufted toes.

The shape of the body of a Maine Coon cat is rectangular. Their large, round eyes can be gold, green, green-gold, or copper. White and bi-colored Maine Coon cats can have blue eyes or odd-eyes.

Maine Coon cats have medium-sized heads and large, tufted ears. Many Maine Coon cats have a ruff around their necks. This is considered a desirable characteristic.

White, blue, red, cream, and black are the possible solid colorings for Maine Coon cats. The possible colorings other than the solid colors are tabby, shaded, smoke, calico, tortoiseshell, and bi-colored.

The development of a Maine Coon kitten is slower than most cat breeds. Maine Coon kittens only reach adult size when they are three to five years old. Other cat breeds often reach maturity by the time the kittens are two years old.

The average weight range for a Maine Coon cat is twelve to twenty pounds with the females weighing less than the males. They are heavy-boned and broad chested. They are considered to be medium to large sized cats.

For the purchase of a Maine Coon kitten, the prospective cat owner should consult a reputable Maine Coon breeder. A cat breeder should be able to answer questions about Maine Coon cats.

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