Cherish The Kinship by Making a Oil Painting

February 16, 2010

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Walking down the memory lane, we realised how much our family plays a significant part in our lives. For all these prized memories, we hold them dearly close to our heart and will let them away.

One of the great ways of showcasing these special memories every day is to turn our special photographs into oil paintings displayed in our living, dining, or bedrooms. These oil portraits are good as home dcor as well.

How do you do that? At Paint The Moment (, they are passionate about crafting every dear moments down into finest works of art. These paintings are priced reasonably are great favours for your family members. I’ve done one myself and my family just adored it!

There are a few types of portraits which are suitable for oil paintings. I’ll share three common ones with you. The traditional photographs taken by professionals in the studio will be the first. These professional take beautiful pictures of you and your families which are just perfect for oil portraits!

The next in line will be those photos which are taking during family outings, vacations or events which hold special significance and memories. Such hard to come by moments make them special to be painted down into beautiful oil paintings.

The third kind will be that of candid shots which capture the most genuine emotions. Turn all these spontaneity into wonderful oil paintings! I’m sure such expressive works of art would be marvelled by all.

It’s up to you to choose which kind of photos you want to turn into beautiful oil paintings. Whatever which is dear to you, Paint The Moment will not disappoint you. Browse through your photos of memories today and get your very own painting done!

At Paint The Moment, they turn memorable photographs into lovely Oil Paintings. Made from the finest material, its hand painted works of art can last for generations! So don’t hesitate to hang your portrait of love in your homes!

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