Finding the Ultimate Pet Sitter

November 12, 2009

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If you own a pet that is dependent on daily care (and most are), you understand the problems you face when leaving home for a few days. One option is taking your pet to a boarding facility, but many people prefer to hire a pet sitter to come into their home and take care of their pet while they are gone. This is an important decision, because you need someone you can really trust and depend on.

It isn’t hard to understand why pet sitting has become so popular. A lot of people have the occasion to travel frequently, whether for business or pleasure, and it isn’t always possible to take a pet along for the ride. Having a sitter come into your home is a pleasant alternative to taking your pet to a boarding facility, where they can be exposed to disease and an unpleasant environment.

There are advertisements for pet sitters all over. You can find them in the Yellow Pages, online, and placed on bulletin boards in pet stores. A good idea is to ask your friends, family, acquaintances, and your veterinarian for a few recommendations.

Get in touch with some sitter prospects and have them visit you. Don’t hire anyone solely on references or referrals, if possible. It’s important to have a prospective sitter meet your pet, and see how they react to them. For whatever reason, animals sometime don’t take to certain people, and this will be apparent.

When interviewing, ask them why they feel they are qualified. Many will respond by saying they like to work with animals, or something similar. This is a good start, but trustworthiness is something you can’t establish from this alone.

A prospective sitter should surely love animals, but that alone isn’t sufficient. There needs to be a knowledge of pet health and how to recognize often subtle signs that something isn’t right. This may seem to be asking a lot, but remember, this is your pet and these folks will be in your home taking care of them.

Here are a few things you should find out before employing a pet sitter:

What is their visiting schedule, how many times per day will they come over?

When they are at your home, what will they do? There is more than just providing food and water. What about taking time to walk your dog or play with your cat? If the pet leaves a bowel movement in an inappropriate place, will they clean it up?

Discovering an honest and dependable pet sitter you can trust can be very reassuring. It’s nice to know both your home and your pet are in the hands of someone who cares and will do a good job.

Your dog or cat is just an animal, right? Wrong. It’s your pet, and a cherished member of your family. Enjoy discovering more about taking care of pets to ensure their health and contentment.

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