Choosing A Great Cat Sitter

October 28, 2010

in Cats

Cat sitting is big business considering that 50% of homes in America have pets. Even though the economy has been in a slump the pet business are going strong. If you are owned by a cat you will need to decide what works best for your cat while you are away.

If you are reading this you are most likely owned by a cat or two. As an astute owner you also know that your cat loves it’s routines. You cat does not like change in his life. This can stress him out and even cause medical conditions.

Staying at home not only eliminates the stress on cats. It also lessens the trauma for owners who fear they may be exposing their pet to unfamiliar foods or environments, or exposure to other animals’ illnesses.

Having someone you do know come to your home while you are away can seem scary to you. But, if you spend a bit of time researching it will make your search a lot easier.

Next are tips to seeking the best in home sitter: * Look into the person’s business practices. If they are not good, their business is probably not that great. Is that someone you want to trust in your home and with your cat? * Ask the pet sitter for a copy of their liability insurance. Are they bonded? * Do they create a written contract for each job? * Who takes over if they get sick? * Do they have a list of referrals and references to share? * What exact services can they provide on each visit? o Can someone stay the night if needed? o Can someone give a cat fluids and/or medication if needed? o Do they have a play routine with the cat every visit?

The smartest thing to do is pick three companies and ask them to come to your home. Have a list of questions ready to interview them. You can gauge who will be the best fit by the way they interact with your cat and the way your cat reacts to them. If your cat is outgoing and social, but won’t come out to meet the person it is probably not a good match.

Do a search on the internet and read reviews for quality pet sitters in your area.

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