Clean Grout For the Returning Pet

April 18, 2016

in Cat Health

My dog Rover finally got home from the veterinarian today. You see, for the longest time, the house that I thought was regularly cleaned turned out to have a dark secret. Apparently, the home had a black mold infestation.

Black mold is a type of microscopic fungus that may become airborne and is potentially lethal when inhaled, as evidenced by what happened to Rover. Fortunately for me, the black mold grew in a place I didn’t stay in for long periods of time. But, it was one of Rover’s favorite places in the house.

Black mold breeds easily in places that are oftentimes moist. Because of this, the bathroom is a ideal location for them to grow in, if the place isn’t properly maintained regularly. But it didn’t make sense, as I know I clean my bathroom on a regular basis. I didn’t know how Rover could get sick. So I looked online and discovered that black mold was pretty microscopic and could creep into the grout between the tiles. I must confess that I’ve ignored this part of the bathroom, as it was a seemingly insignificant narrow strip of space.

Long story short, I checked online for help. I got the contact numbers of professional grout cleaners and called them up. They went by in a day or so and cleaned up the bathroom (Rover’s favorite place to sleep). They did a sterling job, and Rover was soon back to a household free from mold.

I guess he’s still feeling the effects of the operation, since he doesn’t seem as active as before all this business with the black mold came about. For what it’s worth, though, he seems to be calmer, as opposed to the agitated look that he had when he was sick. And at least, I am able to do everything that I can to keep him from getting sick on my watch.

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