Commercial Dog Food: Buyer Beware

August 19, 2016

in Cat Health

In spite of decades of evidence, the forty year old campaign to remove table scraps from your pets diet has been, and continues to be a huge success. Why? You can understand profit motivated pet stores, but veterinarians? In spite of decades of mounting medical evidence, thousands of veterinarians sell manufactrured dog food directly to their customers. People who opt for a natural diet for themselves and their dogs are often villified for thinking outside the box.

Nothing is ever that black or white.

In a society that lives on fast food and prepackaged meals, its no wonder their cats and dogs are being fed the equivalent. Everything must be fast, convenient and palatable, even if what makes the food easy and tasty is also slowly killing us, and our pets. If this wasnt bad enough, starting in the late1990s recycled restaurant grease (reused for days at carcinogenic temperatures) is sprayed on kibble! Why? Just to give this otherwise tasteless dog food some flavor!

The incidence of cancer, heart conditions and strokes are all steadily rising. Diet related illnesses, such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, Crohns disease and obesity are at the minimum common place, and some are epidemic.

When people do not take responsibility for what they feed themselves, what chance does their pets have?

Processed foods are slowly killing North Americans and their pets. Proof of this fact is the preponderance of people, and their pets, under medical care and medication. Some people might argue that humans and animals are living longer, but what about quality of life? People and their dogs are not only on more meds than ever, millions are on multiple meds!

Meds are a magic bullet with dire consequences. Meds do not heal, they work by overriding the body’s immune system- a system that is not working because it is not getting the balanced nutrients it needs to function properly. When meds are administered long-term the body’s natural immune systems will completely shut down. Once that happens the body needs the meds to do what it no longer can- defend against illness and disease.

If you do not have a good understanding of nutrition and read the label of any dry pet food, you would be impressed. Pet food manufacturers are genius at making waste product and by-product ingredients appear like something special. Case in point: A forty-pound bag of human-grade corn meal (linked to diabetes) costs nearly $120! So how can a 40 pound bag of dog food cost around $13?

Can you imagine what is in your dogs food if the human-grade filler costs nearly ten times that of the entire bag of food? You do not want to know.

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