Connections Between White Cats And Halloween

October 21, 2010

in Cats

Many people have heard that people in animal welfare do not adopt black cats out during the Halloween season. Now this has spread to all white cats as well. This color has appeal to Satanists for it’s representation of wholesomeness and virginity.

White cats are well-liked and easy to adopt, but when rescues hold back adoptions the rate of white cats being euthanized skyrockets.

I have been an animal rescuer for years. I have been the Executive Director of a shelter and I have started my own rescue. I take pride in training my volunteers to screen adopters and to find purrfect matches for each animal I care for. For years I would hide my all black and all white cats and pull them off websites so that no one would even ask about any of those cats. If someone did manage to ask, I would simply deny them on the principal that it was October.

Each Halloween I would simply ignore the fact that numerous black and white cats were in foster homes for an extra month. I would ignore the euthanasia lists that I received from the county shelters that listed loads of black and white cats and kittens. I was simply doing what every other rescue did, right? I was saving all those black and white cats from the “bad guys.” Wrong. Because of me more cats of those colors died. Best Friends Animal Rescue issued a gentle challenge to animal welfare organizations this month when they wrote about all the black cats being euthanized because rescues refused potential adopters.

Every rescue screens adopters, approves them or denies them throughout the year. The majority of rescues have multiple processes in place to screen including interviews, applications and some even conduct home visits. After being in the business you get a very good idea of how to match up animals to forever homes. So, why does this change in October? I challenge all rescues to step up! Save more cats lives by doing your typical screening.

If someone comes in and specifically asks for an all white or all black cat perhaps then is the time to question, But, if someone comes and falls in love with one of these lucky kitties, go through the regular screening process and, here is an idea- conduct follow up calls!

There are people who want to do harm to animals. Most of them are not coming into a rescue to pay for an animal they are going to later discard. There are so many strays and ferals running around they could simply pick one of them.

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