Denamarin Helps Keep Your Dog’s Liver Healthy.

February 12, 2013

in Cat Health

by Rebecca Foxton

We don’t need to tell you the liver is one of the most important organs in the body and also one of the most extraordinary.

If the liver fails in any animal, the end will be soon.

Of all the major organs in the body, the liver is physically the largest, and is instrumental in the body’s metabolism.

Of its many functions the ridding of toxins is one of the most important.

In this way it’s obvious why the liver plays such an important role in the functioning of the body, hence the priority should be trying to keep it healthy.

This goes for your pets too, of any vertebrate type.

The liver is amazing organ, and can regenerate itself with extraordinary powers in a healthy body.

But it needs to be healthy to do this, if it is not in a good environment it may cease working, and death will quickly follow.

Chronic disease can also afflict the liver. But let’s talk about dogs in particular and how their livers can be affected. Don’t forget too that the liver can be affected by disease.

Firstly there’s Chronic Active Hepatitis Dogs, somewhat similar to cirrhosis of the liver but of course not caused by alcohol. The causes are often unclear, but the site is always the liver.

The disease causes the immune system to produce antibodies which affect the liver cells, causing blood flow to be restricted in the liver.

Toxic compounds exacerbate the problem, and if left unchecked liver failure can result.

Specific breeds such as Doberman Pinschers, Cocker Spaniels and certain terriers often get this terrible disease.

Other serious illnesses that could affect the liver are cancer and hepatitis. Rest assured that most dogs will not suffer from these diseases, but there is a way to help prevent problems.

How can you help keep your dog’s liver healthy? Nutramax Denamarin with SAMe for dogs may be the answer as it is designed to help healthy liver functionality.

SAMe has the added bonus of providing protective and restorative effects on liver cells.

Glutathione is an antioxidant to be reckoned with, and SAMe helps nourish, renew and stop liver cells from dying.

Although it will not cure disease, Denamarin will help support good liver function which may help stave off disease and infection.

Don’t forget too that the liver is key in ridding the body of toxins so a healthy liver may in fact prevent disease elsewhere in the body.

Manufactured in three strengths for different sizes of dog, Denamarin is a vital component to protecting your dog’s health, and it’s reasonably priced for something that could protect his major organs.

Doesn’t it make sense?

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