Denosyl Is A Liver Disease Preventative In Dogs & Cats.

September 8, 2014

in Cat Health

by Rebecca Foxton

Cells, organs, blood, elements – all these work together in your dog’s body to create that mysterious thing – life!

The major organs are vital, but it is the sum of all those parts that is the key to health.

If there is a problem in the smallest of cells, it can huge effects on the whole body.

Imagine driving a neglected car, it goes, but all it takes is one tiny component to fail, and the whole thing may not function.

Try that analogy with humans and animals, through our own choices or sometimes circumstances we can let our health slide, but we do run the risk of contracting something serious by doing so.

And like an airplane component failing, it can lead to a bigger problem in the long run.

The major organs are particularly at risk as they hold the key to life for every creature.

If you think a transplant will sort the issue, remember they are expensive, donors can be hard to find and there are associated risks. Why not prevent rather than cure?

Nutramax Denosyl SAMe tablets for dogs have been developed especially with a dog’s needs in mind. The effects are that glutathione levels rise in the liver.

What on earth is glutathione I hear you say. Well it’s a powerful antioxidant which helps to repair, regenerate and protect liver cells.

Defense starts really from the individual cells, an organ made of entirely healthy cells will be resilient against attack by infection or disease.

A healthy liver will fight back much harder than one which is already weakened.

Nutramax Denosyl SAMe is best used as a way to avoid problems, but it can also help when a dog is already ill; after all there are many unpleasant diseases out there which can affect your dog including Hipidosis, Chronic Hepatitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Drug-induced Hepatitis caused by Prednisone or Rimadyl, and Pancreatitis.

Nutramax Denosyl tablets for dogs are well within your budget, and will greatly benefit your dog’s health, both now and in the future.

A small investment now can save a lot of heartache later on.

Dogs rely on their owner to make the correct choices for them, so be an owner who takes a proactive approach, and rest easy knowing that you did all you could to safeguard your animal’s health.

Nutramax Denosyl for dogs is one obvious and easy way to do just that.

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