Deodorize Cat Litter With Pine Pellets

July 15, 2009

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As long as there are cat owners and cats, you will find products to help you get rid of that mess we call cat litter! Clay has always been the traditional favorite for the cat box, simply because it is easily available, and more importantly, because Mr. Tibbs loves it! There is just one problem – the odor! If you maintain a litter box for your cat, I don’t need to explain how overpowering the odor is. If you’re sick and tired of the odor then here’s good news – pine cat litter. That’s right, the litter is made from natural pine wood, and this masks the odor we all know so well!

You may be put off by the fact that it is twice as costly as the normal clumping type. The pine cat litter is made of pine pellets, which disintegrate to form sawdust. The pellets and the resultant sawdust absorb much more liquid than the ordinary clumping does. So the usage cost works out to be around that of the cat litter that is usually used.

The acceptance of pine cat litter is still an issue, not by the owners but by the cat itself. Cats are reluctant to use the pine cat litter because the ‘feel’ is unnatural. The pellets tend to be a little rough on the cat’s paws. The cat’s acceptance or rejection of pine cat litter will be the sole deciding factor in the success of pine cat litter in the market.

But “show me a problem, and I’ll show you a solution” seems to be in my blood! My suggestion is to replace a handful of your usual cat litter with a handful of pine cat litter. Watch your cat’s reaction. If he shows reluctance than continue with a handful of pine cat litter. If he appears to be getting used to it, increase the portion of pine cat litter from one handful to two handfuls, simultaneously reducing the portion of ordinary litter by a similar amount. Continue at this level, till your cat gets used to it and uses the box without a fuss. Now up the portion of pine cat litter. Do this until the whole cat litter is 100% pine cat litter. Of course, if Tabby is not persuaded to convert to pine, then you’ll just have to put up with the odor of the mess, that’s all!

If the odor from the cat’s litter is driving you round the bend, and you’ve made up your mind to use pine cat litter, then do what many other owners are doing. Fill the litter box with pine cat litter, and then put down a surface layer of your cat’s favorite litter. This way, your cat is satisfied and so are you!

But what works for us appears to go against Tabby’s disposition. Cats show a degree of discomfort to the smell of pine. So there are many instances of cats refusing to use the litter box when it is filled with pine pellets. Your cat can’t stand the odor of pine, you can’t stand the odor of cat’s mess! Any guesses who’ll win the stand off? Oh well, we humans pride ourselves on being understanding! In case you’re wondering, the pine pellets are completely detoxified and are absolutely harmless to cats.

There is an environmental advantage in using pine cat litter. It can be composted once the cat’s solid waste is removed. The composted litter can be put to use as manure for gardens, instead of adding to the ever-growing landfill of garbage.

It all boils down to what Tabby likes! If he likes the pine pellet cat litter, then you’re all set. If he doesn’t, then you’d better learn to cover your nose with a scented kerchief whenever you’re in the house! Meow!

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