Diarrhea in Kittens: Reasons for It and How to Treat a Kitten With Diarrhea

September 23, 2018

in Cats

Many new pet owners don’t know what to do when faced with kitten diarrhea. Diarrhea in kittens can be a messy, unpleasant experience for both you as the owner and your unwell kitten. It is important to know that some reasons a kitten has diarrhea are serious and require a veterinarians treatment. Sometimes though your kitten has just eaten something that has not agreed with them, resulting in the runny stool.

Young kittens are particularly susceptible to parasites. A kitten infected with parasites that are have not been treated can experience chronic diarrhea. A veterinarian examination of your kittens excrement will be able to discover if parasites are behind your baby kittens diarrhea.

The feline family likes stability and routine. Have you recently changed your kittens diet? If the change is made abruptly and suddenly – sometimes this will result in kitten diarrhea. Try changing a kitten to a new food gradually instead or suddenly.

Poisons in the form of chemical cleaners and houseplants can be the source of your kittens diarrhea. If you suspect this – take your kitty straight to the vet. Be sure to let them have a list of all houseplants and cleaners you have in the home.

Mild diarrhea in kittens can be treated at home. Be sure to give her plenty of water to make sure your kitten doesn’t get dehydrated. If your kitty doesn’t seem to be recovering from her diarrhea or shows other signs she is unwell – a vet needs to be consulted.

Many times kittens experience diarrhea because they have eaten something that didn’t agree with them. If you are worried, take 5 minutes and call your veterinarian. They will be able to ease you worries, or let you know if your kitten needs to come in for a consultation.

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