Discover Brilliant Pet Checks To Freshen The Checkbook.

February 3, 2013

in Cat Health

by Rebecca Foxton

Choice choice choice, it’s everywhere we look these days.

From where we choose to vacation, to the color of our carpet. In fact, we can customize almost anything to be the way we want it.

Choice extends to credit cards. usually when you apply you can choose what design your card will have.

There are so many designs you can choose also for your checks.

If you are thinking, what’s the point in getting a check with a picture on, read on.

Well, it makes the pain of paying for something a little sweeter, plus if you give a friend of a family member a check, it makes the transaction seem much more friendly and less formal.

Imagine also if you have a business, how cool would it be to have checks with an image on which relates to the nature of your business.

Here is the scenario – you have a business to do with pets, might be that you are a dog breeder, or you import foods for dogs, or maybe you sell custom designed dog collars.

In that case wouldn’t an illustrated check make your payment stand out?

Even if you don’t own a business, it’s still a lovely customization to have in your life to have unusual checks.

Better still, certain sites such as The Styles Check Company showcase the work of eminent artists such as Gary Patterson.

With wonderful contented feline illustrations and great dog drawings, you can take you cat or dog mania to a new level.

The homely, comforting sweet style of Patterson’s artwork depicts per scenes in a light hearted positive way.

Any dog lover out there will die over his fantastic dog drawings, and cat lovers beware – the kitties on these checks will have you hooked.

Cats and dogs come together in his pet check collection, with funny and sweet scenarios played out in wonderful color and detail.

The relationship between cats and dogs is playfully depicted in four fantastic designs.

There are other fabulous animal designs available through the site, such as horses, dolphins, big cats and more, so whatever your favorite animal you can find a check to match.

These checks although cute, come with the assurance they will be accepted at your bank, plus don’t be fooled that it’s playtime, they have hidden features to safeguard you against fraud.

What a great surprise these check designs would make as a special gift for someone you just know loves cats, dogs etc.

It’s a thoughtful humorous gift, that will make that person think fondly of you every time he or she pulls out the checkbook.

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