Discover How To Diagnose Dog Ear Mites In Your Animal

April 26, 2010

in Cats

If you fail to properly care for your dog, there is a chance that they can develop dog ear mites. Dog ear mites are defined as a blood sucking parasite that lives inside of the animals ear. Not only are these ear mites considered to be a major health risk for dogs, if they are not treated properly they can cause your animal to become deaf.

Household pets are prone to obtaining ear mites. The condition is fairly common in small animals, such as dogs, rabbits and cats. The mites can easily transfer themselves from one animal to another. Ear mites feed off of an animals bodily fluids in order to survive.

Typically, animals that do not receive proper hygienic care are prone to obtaining an ear mite infestation. The infection can cause redness, inflammation and even open wounds within your dogs ear canal. Crusty discharge may also be present in animals that are affected with a severe ear mite infestation.

Veterinarians generally diagnose an ear mite problem by performing an ear exam on an animal. They will extract a sample of the parasite from the animals ear canal and analyze the sample underneath a microscope. If you believe that your dog has contracted ear mites, you must keep them away from other animals. Ear mites can be transferred from one animal to the next, so secluding your animal from other animals is crucial.

There are a lot of different medications that exist for the treatment of dog ear mites. A vet may suggest either an oral medication for your dogs problem, or a topical medication. A topical medication will need to be applied to the infected area in order to eliminate the problem.

There are some over the counter medications that an owner can attempt to use to clear up dog ear mites, if they do not have the time to take their animal to a vet. Be aware, that if your dogs condition is classified as being severe, you will need to visit a vet in order to obtain a more effective treatment option for the problem.

Dog ear mites can be a nuisance, and they are difficult to eliminate without proper care. Normally, ear mites will be eliminated within one month of starting a treatment option for your dog. While your dog is undergoing a treatment regiment for their ear mite problem, it is imperative that they do not interact with other animals.

You must also ensure that you follow the treatment regimen for the elimination of ear mites for the entire period specified. If you neglect to properly follow a treatment regimen for the condition, there is a chance that the mites will return.

If your dog is continuously pawing and scratching at his ears, he may be suffering from dog ear mites. Prompt and aggressive ear mite treatment will provide relief from itching and open sores.

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