Discover The Ways That The FURminator Makes Pet Grooming Easier.

October 30, 2012

in Cat Health

by Rebecca Foxton

Shedding in dogs and cats can be reduced more effectively by the FURminator deShedding tool than by any other grooming device.

All dogs & cats have the potential to look less than well groomed but the problem is exacerbated when you are dealing with a long coat and bad weather.

Matting can become a large problem during spring and winter, as under belly hair can become matted and dirtied in the soft mud.

A lot of dogs really hate being clipped, but here’s a solution you can do at home with little fuss… the FURminator.

A patented product, the FURminator deShedding Tool gently and easily pulls out the dead undercoat fur.

Clipping is something our animals really do not enjoy. Have you had the same experience? The answer is the Furminator.

Instead of cutting, the FURminator rather gently sweeps away the matted hair; meaning pets won’t get freaked out.

Minimizing stress for Bowser will also minimize stress for Mum or Dad, meaning both can get back to playtime sooner.

The FURminator is available in Large (4.0 Inch), medium (2.65 Inch) and small (1.75 Inch) sizes, and they are priced according to size.

There is a special feline version in purple too.

The FURminator is designed with an ergonomic grip handle and stainless steel edge to make it simple to remove mats from the coats of both short and long haired breeds.

The FURminator is so easy to use, you’ll be sorry that you put off owning one for so long.

One big benefit of using the FURminator to groom your pet is that it leaves your pet’s top coat looking shiny and healthy by brining the natural oils out to the surface.

Take into account the added advantage that dogs will shed 90% less, meaning your home will be cleaner!

And a big advantage for those poor allergy sufferers, both human and canine, using a FURminator will mean that there are less airborne particles floating around, meaning a more comfortable environment for all.

Pet lovers adore the FURminator and they say that their pets’ dry skin, scratching, and matting have become a thing of the past.

Purchase a FURminator and you’ll find out what a handy little tool it is! It’s perfect for year round grooming, any type of dog breed, and any climate. It’s also quick to use!

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