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May 3, 2009

in Cats

If you grew up having pets in the house, maybe you already have some idea of what kind of pet you really want. In that case, picking out a perfect pet will be a lot easier for you. Just make sure you take proper pet care into consideration when you go to pick one out.

Some kinds of animals need more time than others. Dogs in particular are normally very needy pets. They can be very sensitive about their masters. I am sure most of you have heard of a person’s dog ripping up a room in the house when it was left alone one day. Dogs can get into trouble even when they have some other dog companions and toys. They really need the presence of a human. Many dog lovers take their dogs out for a walk after work and before work for some exercise and recreation time. Other people who work in environments outdoors will often let their pets come to work with them to keep them out of harm.

Cats are a little less menacing than dogs. Unlike their canine counterparts, cats will amuse themselves easily with a few strategically placed cat toys. When kittens don’t feel like being active, they are quick to find something less exciting to do like pass out or just stare out of a window.

One very important factor depending on what type of animal you intend to own is what level of care it will need. Animals need varying degrees of attention from humans, some positive reinforcement, behavioral training, and most of all love. Fish are usually excluded from this statement, as they just need oxygen, proper tank care, oxygenated H2O,water, and a little food. But, the whole point is that adequate animal care is necessary when you have any pet regardless of which kindwhich one. The choice will be yours alone to make in choosing what the right animal is for your house. Don’t ignore how much of your spare time it will demand to properly care for your loved one.

Although dogs can be somewhat high maintenance compared to other animals, they also offer some advantages. One of the things dogs do for you that other pets normally cannot is act like a personal bodyguard for you and your loved ones. It is nice to know that you always have someone else helping on your side. They are larger than most other pets also. You need to make sure you have somewhere to protect them where they aren’t left out in extreme weather either.

It is hard to determine whether your cat is going to require high or low maintenance when you first get them. It could end up one way or the other. There are many variables that could influence how much time the animal will require. Kitties are known for having largely varying degrees of personalities. Some are loaners. Some love people while others hate people. They all seem to develop a slightly unique attitude once becoming adults.

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