Discovering The Ear Mite Treatment For Pets

March 9, 2010

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When a person first notes a pet scratching at their ear there is fear of a possible ear infection, growth or something else that will need an immediate visit to the veterinarian. Before taking this action one should investigate the possibility of mites and search out information regarding an ear mite treatment for pets.

These mites spread very easily from one animal to another and, if there are more than one animal in a house, they should also be examined to see if they have this same problem. Living in the ear canal, they live on ear wax and sometimes blood in that area. When chewing up this material they produce a brown, crumbly, coffee-like material. After removing this from the ear, careful examination will show small, white mites. They are as small as a typed period.

Mites multiply very rapidly. They hatch, from eggs, in only four days. For this reason, immediate treatment after identifying this problem is very important. Within a few more days, they can become an adult, mate and produce more eggs. If not destroyed mites can spread to the head and eye areas causing more severe problems.

Cats are the most common sufferer from ear mites. Dogs can, but rarely, have this problem. Yeast or bacterial infection is a common comparison of this disease. Finding proper medication and treating immediately will avoid further complications such as spreading to the head or eyes and causing more problems.

There are many products on the market available for treatment of ear mites. As a rule, these products are applied after cleaning out the ear as much as possible. They are generally divided as follows: Veterinarian prescriptions for one time treatment, 10-day treatment, injection; and over the counter 30 day treatments to cover the life cycle of the mite. With the over-the-counter medicine, as well as the others, it is important to continue to apply the medication for the entire length of time prescribed.

Prescription medications may contain such things as Acarexx, Melbnite, Tresaderm, or others. Injection medication usually contains Ivermectin. Most over-the-counter drugs usually include insecticides. It is important that it be determined before any drug is applied if the pet is allergic or will have an adverse reaction.

One of the suggestions made is to put drops of warm oil in the ear in order to remove the debris and some mites. This will not kill any mites but can immobilize a few of them for a short period while the ear is being cleaned. When this is done then medication can be given. A word of caution, sometimes the problem is not mites and common treatments are in vain. If, after treatment for the period prescribed, there is no relief then a professional should be consulted.

When a pet has been in the family for a long period of time it becomes a regular member. As with any family member, when something makes them uncomfortable or threatens their good health, relief must be sought immediately. A veterinarian, an animal expert or the Internet should all be consulted and/or viewed to determine an ear mite treatment for pets, which would apply to one’s part

Learn about the simple home remedies ear mites will respond to when you receive the details today! Using the best ear mite treatment will keep your pets ears healthy and ear mites under control.

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