Dog Ringworm Treatments

February 8, 2010

in Cat Health

Ringworm is a fungus that can not only infect dogs it can infect other types of animals and people. A fundamental attribute of this fungus is that it is highly infectious, and is easily passed from animals to humans and vise versa. Thus it is essential to know what the symptoms are in both dogs and humans..

One of the easiest ways to recognize ringworm in dogs is through missing patches of fur. Ringworm hardens the skin and fur follicles which causes the fur to break off at the foundation. The ringworm dog skin in the area of the infection will appear as a red raised circular rash. It may look kind of crusty or scaly, with the middle area appearing mostly natural.

The bald spot created by the ringworm rash will probably appear as a red crusty ring. In the middle of the rash the skin will look natural. The rash is also extremely itchy and your dog will likely scratch the spot if he can reach it. Try and keep your dog from scratching the infection if at all possible. Scratching will cause the rash to spread. If the animal is free to roam around the abode it can easily spread the rash to its owner through direct or indirect contact.

The best way to establish if your dog has ringworm it to have your vet check him out. The vet can scrape the skin and take a sample for an accurate diagnosis. After the diagnosis is confirmed, which may take several days, the vet can then prescribe the correct treatment. There are numerous treatments available. None are difficult. But perseverance in application is the key to success. The incubation period for ringworm is 10 days, which makes it very difficult to fully get rid of the fungus. You need to work hard to disinfect on a constant basis so the fungus is totally eliminated. Generally the medication prescribed for your dog should be given on a every day basis. Creams as medication, although recommended for humans, as a rule do not work on dogs as they tend to lick or rub them off. Anti-fungal shampoos are typically more effective in treating dogs and other animals. Shampoo will eradicate the fungus spores from the hair and treatment is applied all over the dog’s body at once helping to eliminate fungus spores that have not yet shown symptoms. Most likely more then one bath treatment is considered necessary to rid your dog fully.

Because ringworm spreads so easily its important to treat your residence as well as your dog. Cleanse any areas anywhere your dog frequents in the house.Don’t forget to cleanse the dog’s bed every day. And avoid contact with your dog until the rash is completely gone. Using the ringworm shampoo on them even if they do not have ringworm will not hurt them. The worst thing you can do with ringworm is to not treat it fully. So, when your dog is diagnosed with it, make sure to do everything you need to do everyday and when symptoms subside in your dog, take it back to the vet and have them retest your dog’s hair to make certain that the fungus is in fact gone.

Effectively spotting ringworm in you dog is key to successful treatment. For additional information click on the link and while your there feel free to sign up for our free email mini-course “10 Steps to Curing Ringworm”

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