Doga, the New Dog Walk!

February 2, 2019

in Cat Health

Walking the dog is so last season! Playing fetch with your dog is yesterday’s news! Now dog lovers are turning to Doga to get exercise with their dogs! Doga, the very unique act of performing yoga moves with your dog has been bubbling under the surface for years now but recently word has spread and thousands and thousands of dog lovers and yoga enthusiasts are turning to this fun exercise! And perhaps rightly so, it’s good for you, it’s good for your dog and its fun!

As more and more people hear of Doga, they become anxious to get their dogs as well as themselves in on the fun. Originally this proved to be difficult because individuals had to rely on classes to receive the instruction. Or occasionally and article would be written about Doga but these often acted as teasers only. And classes frequently proved to be just to distracting with so many dogs.

In 2008 a fresh faced Yoga and dancer enthusiast introduced to the world her very unique and exciting Doga DVD. This fresh-faced host; Amy Stevens and her Yoga4Dogs brand have been popping up all over the U.S. “With a DVD” Amy says; “individuals are afforded the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of Doga right at home, on their own schedules without the distraction of other dogs. It’s really the perfect way to combine your workout with your dog’s workout.”

Besides deepening the bond between a dog and the dog’s owner, many people are interested in other Doga benefits. Many Doga poses place emphasis on breathing, because of such, Doga has the potential to improve breathing patterns and lung capacity. Also, Doga routines can lower stress levels. Doga also has been known to assist in developing deeper concentration.

Among the many benefits of Doga, it has the known to assist in helping individuals slow their heart rate and lower their blood pressure. This is certainly beneficial to those with heart disease or hypertension. Doga, like yoga also has the potential to reduce the symptoms of asthma, arthritis and back and body pain. Some studies even suggest that many traditional yoga poses, like those in Doga routines can assist with insomnia.

Besides offering many benefits for human participants, Doga offers many things to the dogs that are lucky enough to participate in the routine. Doga has the potential to help dogs with weight loss which in turn can help with joint pain, hip dysplasia, heart problems and a variety of other health problems. Doga can help dogs to become more obedient.

Most dogs who have participated in Doga seem to enjoy it very much. Amy Stevens, host of the Yoga4Dogs Doga DVD says, “my dog always knows when I am getting ready for a Doga session. As soon as I grab my mat, she starts wagging her tail.” Amy continues, “if nothing more, dogs just love the attention.”

Introduce your dog to an exercise routine unlike any other with Doga! Classes are held in select cities across America and Amy Stevens’ Yoga4Dogs Doga DVD is available at the Yoga4Dogs website.

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