Dogs – Fulfilling A Fruitful Association In Various Ways

March 20, 2010

in Cat Health

People who have been unlucky at finding love still want an emotional connection like everyone else in this world. They want to be able to interact with someone, touch someone and love someone.

Of course, they may have friends or family, but there’s a deeper need to have a closer bond with someone or something else. That’s where having a pet, specifically a dog, comes into the picture.

The qualities of dogs, specifically their playfulness, positive demeanor and fun attitude, explain why they are “man’s best friend.” Dogs can step in and be the missing piece in a lonely person’s life.

They don’t require a significant amount of care and before you know it, they’ll become like a family member to you. Many dog owners experience unexpected results within a short period of time after bringing their new buddy home.

People who walk their dogs on the street tend to meet other people on the street and can use the dog to flirt with others. Someone will stop to pet the dog and before they know it, they’re having a conversation with the owner.

Furthermore, people with similar dog interests generally hang out at dog runs and other pet-related locations. Therefore, for people whose purpose was to get a dog to have someone or something to connect to, owning the dog and taking him or her to places with other owners may in fact lead to a human connection.

If dog owners are still having a hard time meeting new people, there are plenty of other ways to find other like-minded individuals, including attending meet-ups and organized events. Ultimately, anyone can meet new friends or maybe a significant other as a result of owning a dog.

At some point, hopefully that person can find the human emotional connection he or she was looking for all along.

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