Diets Your Dog Should Avoid

April 23, 2010

in Cat Health

We all know that dogs are not bothered about what they eat. If there is anything left lying around then most dogs will try to have a taste of it regardless of what it is. Well you would not think that there is any harm in that, they are just playing around, but unfortunately some human foods can actually be fatal to your dog.

It is a well known fact that dogs should not eat any chocolate. Maybe a little chocolate here or there might not be too bad for some dogs. Apparently with other dogs it can be disastrous, the worst ones being dark chocolate or baking chocolate.

Some vegetables are also fatal to dogs; one of these is the plain old Onion. They may be okay to you and me but the Onions have a certain chemical ingredient that once in the dog’s digestive system can turn it into a poison.

If you walk in the fields regularly with your dog then you may want to know that mushrooms can be fatal to some dogs, also in the same way garlic can be fatal. The effect of this spice in a dog can prove fatal and is very quick reacting.

Try to keep your dog away from anything that contains seeds. Some dogs may just feel a little discomfort if they swallow seeds, but Apple seeds can actually be fatal to some dogs.

Dogs love their bones, but if the bones are from poultry such as Duck, Turkey or Chicken then this is different. These sorts of bones are prone to shattering, if this happens in a dogs intestine or stomach the consequences could be severe.

Remember dogs can eat lots of things that we cannot stomach, but they cannot eat everything that we can, so always keep your food out of a dogs reach.

The last thing that anybody wants is to lose a dog, especially when it can have been avoided with just a little care and consideration.

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