Don’t Neglect your Dog’s Teeth

November 17, 2009

in Cats

We all have experienced the dreaded “puppy breath” at some time or another. Well, doggy dental health is important from as early as your puppy to your adult dog. Brushing your dog’s teeth will eliminate that stinky dog breath and make it minty fresh for doggy kisses.

Keeping your dog free of plaque and tartar buildup is very important. Also, it helps with the small of your dog’s breath, which is good for us as the receiver of those sloppy kisses. Brushing weekly can work wonders on your pretty canine’s smile so brush away.

One thing you might be thinking is “how am I supposed to brush my dog’s teeth?” Well, since you can’t teach your dog to rinse and spit, you use a special doggie toothpaste. Also, you can purchase a finger toothbrush in the dog pet supplies section of your local pet store.

As we play with our dogs, we are throwing Frisbee’s, sticks and other objects for our pets to retrieve. These things can easily break your dog’s teeth. Regularly checking your dogs teeth can eliminate problems, and save on large vet bills.

Unlike their human counterparts, there are no doggy dentists. If a tooth gets broken, it’s more than likely going to have to come out. Unless you can find it early and get your dog to the vet so he can check it out and prevent an infection.

Broken teeth can cause infections in the mouth that can also lead to bad breath. Remember that when you are brushing your dog’s teeth, that you check regularly for anything that doesn’t look right. Act immediately to make sure that the infection gets under control quickly.

Make sure when you are playing with your dog, you are using appropriate doggy toys. Teeth can get broken when you are using things that are not dog friendly for your dog to catch or retrieve. Always make sure that the item you are throwing for your dog to catch is size appropriate for your dog.

If you are just not sure, it never hurts to hit the dog pet supplies section at your local vet or pet store. There are many safe items on the market that are also age appropriate so read the labels. Remember that dog’s love to chew things up so avoid things with buttons or other items they can choke on.

Remember that puppies are big chewers as their baby teeth are falling out and their canines are coming in. Keep a good supply of chew toys around by regularly visiting the dog pet supplies in the vet or pet store. Variety will keep them interested and you will be helping them grow healthy teeth.

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