Easily Training Kittens

February 23, 2010

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Congratulations on your new found friend you got there as that little kitten truly is a beauty. You should hold that kitten close to you and never let go. You should also not forget that your kitten must be trained. Training a kitten can be difficult but it is not impossible. Training your kitten should include teaching him or her everything from using the litter box to not scratching the couch. Within this article, we are going to tell you a bit of information about training kittens.

Disciplining that newfound kitten you have there is a wise idea. However, if disciplining consists of spanking your cat and yelling at him or her, you should stop these negative actions immediately.

Performing the wrong type of discipline can get you and your kitten’s relationship off to a bad start. That’s something you don’t want to do if you plan to teach the kitten the right way to do things.

Training your kitten when they are still little can make training them a lot easier than waiting until they are a full grown cat. This is because they are not set in their ways when they are still a kitten. They are merely in the new stage so this makes them easy to train. The training will be more open, because when you are young all you want to do is learn.

After you bring your kitten home, you should show him or her where to do their business. The best place for your kitten to potty is a place that she can remember and get to easily. Also use a great litter box and good litter. Kittens automatically know how to use a litter box. That’s a natural instinct that they learn when they are young. As your kitten gets older, using the right type of litter can be important for his or her health.

If your cat is bored, he or she might become destructive and overly active. Playing with your kitten everyday is vital. When you neglect your cat she might stop using the litter box. Regular sessions of playtime and constant attention can prevent this from happening. Occassionaly, litter box problems can go away overnight.

Just as you do with a dog, when your kitten exhibits good behavior, you should reward him or her. You can give rewards such as gently stroking them, sweet talking or even treats (don’t overdo those treats).

It is important to catch your kitten while they are in the act if you want to ensure that he or she learns the proper way to do something. Water is something that kittens hate. One trick to stop the bad behavior from a kitten would be to spray some water in their face. You can also use anything that makes a loud noise such as a whistle since kittens hate loud noises.

Apart from training, you should spend time with your kitten each day and show her the love and attention that she wants. The right tone of voice directed towards the kitten can get him or her to listen, like a whisper to tell them that they are doing something wrong. Yelling at them results in getting them skirmish and that is not the right way to go when you are training your kitten.

To build a training relationship with your cat, it is very important that they like you and look at you as a friend. The simple task of training them will not be hard to do as long as you follow the basic guidelines of training kittens. Training a kitten can be easy if you teach them the tone of your voice when you are telling them whether they did or did not do a good job. Pay attention to your pet at all times as kittens are known for getting into trouble. Also you should remember to not only train your kitten, but pay attention to the health of your kitten.

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