Electric Cat Litter Boxes: Waste Of Money Or Necessity?

August 20, 2010

in Cats

If you have an electric cat litter box you will know how much time you can save doing household chores. Every indoor pet needs a litter box for their toilet hygiene. Having a litter box ensures that your pet can be house trained to use the facilities you provide for them.

There are a number of litter box products on the market today. You will find that you can pay a small sum for a standard litter box for your home or pay a premium price for a product that offers the user a lot more features. The standard litter box is usually just a plastic container that you add kitty litter to. In order to clean it you can either use a scoop to remove solid waste or dispose of the whole kitty litter gravel. Despite there being a number of kitty litter products that claim to be odour free this is generally not the case.

When you buy a low priced product you will often find that unless you store the litter box outdoors that they can have an odour that can permeate the surrounding area. If you live in a small house or an apartment the smell can be particularly unpleasant.

If you want automatic waste removal and to banish the cleaning of litter boxes then look no further than an electric cat litter box. An electric cat litter box offers these features and more to the savvy pet owner.

An electric cat litter box is a dream come true for pet owners in apartments and smaller homes. The time that it takes to discard the waste bag is now seconds and cleaning is automatic.

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