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September 4, 2009

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My own Border Collie cross Badger taught me the importance of combining dog training and animal communication. Dog training on it’s own was not enough for this little girl (or us), animal communication quite literally saved her life. This is the story of our journey to discovering this.

Life had become settled and dare I say boring so to spice things up a little we decided to look into getting a puppy! We read dog training manual after dog training manual and the day eventually arrived when we felt we had read enough and we were ready to go get one!

Training started from day 1. All the usual commands, sit, stay, leave, wait were coming along nicely! What a clever puppy we had chosen (or had she chosen us?!) and we were so pleased we had taken the time to read all the different dog training methods, things were coming along very nicely!

Approximately 5 weeks later, I didn’t know who this puppy was any more. She certainly wasn’t the cute little thing we picked up who lit up our lives. She had started showing her teeth to me which then went on to snarling if I went near her toys or food. I was distraught, what had happened to us? What had gone so wrong?

Eventually she bit me. This was bad enough but she didn’t stop there. Her growling, snapping and snarling was so unpredictable she started doing the same thing to my husband and any visitors to the house or in fact if we were visitors in their house. She would spend hours in her bed just staring at us, she guarded her toys, food, water absolutely anything even a piece of paper What had we done so wrong, was she trying to tell us something?

Holidays and days out became a thing of the past as did visits to family and friends with the dogs. Nothing reached her any more not even the additional dog training, we were at a total loss as to what to do for all of us.

Various techniques and methods were used by the numerous Trainers and Behaviourists we consulted. Nothing worked, in fact if anything they made her worse. She was now aged 1 and fully grown, what a hopeless situation, where did we go from here? What next.. anything?

By now life for all of us was very stressful. Did we just learn to live with this? Was it just ‘in’ her? We just didn’t understand her or her unsociable behaviour and one thing was for sure we could not sit and wait for the dreaded day when something serious would happen, we would never have forgiven ourselves. We looked at re-homing but she would never have actually left the rescue centre as she had already bitten. Should we take the advice that the kindest thing for her would be to put her to sleep.?

We loved this dog and could not simply give up on her. A friend had recently had some great success with her own dogs using an Animal Communicator so sceptically we decided to give it a go we had nothing to loose any more.

We needed the understanding and insight of our dog to move forward and with no idea whether it would work we contacted the Animal Communicator, James French.

It may sound like an overused clich – but Animal Communication really did save her life.. and ours! It provided the insight we needed; what motivated her, what was wrong with her, what she needed from us and where was it all going so wrong?

After all this time we learned that our dog was not aggressive she was in constant pain as her digestive system was not processing her food, no wonder she didn’t like being touched and was so body sensitive.

The other thing we learned was a little more mind blowing. Whilst we knew she was highly anxious yet extremely dominant this was not technically her fault?! Badger had become my mirror, I reeled when I was gently informed of this. How could this be? What on earth had I done to my dog? But I had read all of the dog training manuals and done everything to the letter? It suddenly dawned on me we had been going through this for 3 years now and I was practically a nervous wreck and between us we were caught up in our own little vicious circle.

To cut a long story short, we changed her food to a raw food diet and a lot of the undesired behaviour vanished within a few weeks – AMAZING! I then had to change my own behaviours to enable Badger to change hers.

My stressful job was the first thing to go, I suddenly realised the feeling I had with the Badger situation was the exact same feeling I had when I though about my job. The next change was actually making time for myself this did not include ironing whilst watching the TV, this was not chilling out! And then to my final decision to train to become an Animal Communicator, how many dogs and their owners were suffering like we were? I had to get out there and help.

I really feel this story is some sort of fairy tale….If we had of given in and taken her to rescue centre she would never have left, if she had had different owners she may have been put to sleep. How many people and dogs were suffering out there? How many dogs were being put to sleep each day, each year just because they cannot be heard?

I am now a very proud fully qualified Animal Communicator! I fulfil my dream everyday of helping humans and their animals share a rewarding and lifelong friendship and I have Badger to thank for this. Dog training on it’s own did not work for us however combining Animal Communication and Dog Training together wow, what a powerful combination!

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