Exercise Is Important To Allow A Pet To Become Energetic And Contented

September 23, 2010

in Cat Health

Any pet owner ought to know, especially if it is a dog, that a regular exercise is important to help it remain healthy and happy plus it gets the time to relieve itself out there while on the walk.

What is really of concern is that most dog owners only want to take their dogs on short a short lap round the block instead of going for longer walks. Some also are lazy enough to just set the pets loose within the compound and expect them to run around as part of exercise.

Giving the least form of exercise to the dog is in fact similar to shortchanging it plus you also do not get to benefit much from walking the pet. The dog being your most faithful training partner can be up and about even when it is a cold rainy day. It will not complain or refuse to accompany you any time you are ready to go out for a walk. So make sure that you practice fairness by giving the amount of exercise it deserves for its good health and general welfare.

The short walks you take with your dog will not only improve the health and happiness of the pet but will also benefit you personally by enabling your body to get some activity.

Walk your dog regularly and you will discover that your strength and stamina increases day by day and within no time the longer distances will be covered quite easily; plus the dog will be much happier. In fact your body will benefit from the fresh air you get constantly and this will make you clear headed, relaxed and happier even as you get to see more of your neighborhood.

If you can continue with this, you will soon be running round the block but this will generally depend on the breed of the dog.

The shorter legged dogs hardly run fast and might find it difficult to keep up with you. The other bigger dogs are different. They love running and jumping around as you play Frisbee or pitch and catch. You could also decide to go to the park or go for nature hike.

Just know that dogs do not mind the distance, they are normally thrilled to go for long walks. You personally can benefit a great deal by simply going for the regular walks.

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