Factors Affecting How Long Cats Live

September 11, 2009

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How long do cats live? Many new cat owners asked that question. There are is no easy answer as many factors can affect a cat’s lifespan. If an indoor cat is healthy and does not have any accidents, the cat can live for up to twenty-one years.

Spending time outdoors without supervision or confinement can drastically reduce the cat slave stand. Cats are allowed to freely outdoors are prone to accidents such as being struck by a car, accidental or intentional poisoning, and disease contracted from other cats and wildlife.

Feral cats and stray cats often do not live very long. They are constantly exposed to the hazards of being outdoors and are at risk of starvation.

Keeping a cat indoors is one way to increase the longevity of the cat’s life. Some people believe that there are other measures that can be taken to give the pet cat a long life.

Cat owners can take on certain responsibilities to help the cat live a long life. One thing a cat owner can do is to give the cat a healthy diet.

Excess food can be detrimental to a cat by causing obesity. The some cat illnesses such as diabetes mellitus and arthritis can be partially caused by cat obesity.

Exercise in the form of active play is something that should be encouraged by the cat owner. Older cats are often less inclined to engage in active play on their own. Therefore, the cat owners should play with the cat and encourage active play.

Some cat owners believe that they should feed their cat antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and supplements. While there are many products on the market which may be helpful in maintaining cat health, the cat owner should always consult the veterinarian before giving the cat any supplements.

Some factors that affect the lifespan of the cat are not within the cat owner’s control such as cat diseases which often have genetic causes. Regular veterinary exams can help the cat live longer since the veterinarian can screen for cat diseases and may notice symptoms that the cat owner may miss. Since treating a disease early is the best way to avoid negative effects from the disease, regular veterinary checkups are crucial to protect the health the cat.

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