Facts That Will Help You In Choosing Ragdoll Breeders

October 10, 2010

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Are you a cat lover? Do you love being able to pick up your cat and snuggle closely to him? Many cats do not like this kind of human affection. However, the Ragdoll is quite the opposite. In fact, the name Ragdoll came from these cats actually going limp in your arms when you pick them up. Choosing true Ragdoll breeders will ensure you acquire the sweetest and most gentle cat of all breeds.

The best place to locate a breeder for your kitten is at the Cat fancier’s Association. Check online and view a list of breeders that sell healthy and purebred kittens. You will want to have health guarantee in writing as well a price that is right. If your breeder is associated with the CFA, you can bet he or she is trustworthy.

You may have heard the term ‘backyard breeder’. This is the kind of breeder you do want to get your kitten from. Make sure the one you choose is on the CFA list, that he or she is running a registered and clean cattery, and has a record for raising only the finest of cats. If a breeder asks you for vet references or other background information relating to owning a pet, be glad they did. This is the breeder that cares about the home the kitten will be going into.

How these cats came to be so sweet and gentle may have to do with selective breeding that was started in the 1960′s by Ann Baker. She chose to breed a cat she found to the cats she had at home. This wandering cat was long haired and white. Named Josephine, this single white cat brought about a fantastic and gentle giant breed of cat that has not been matched yet when it comes to unusual and calm traits.

Ragdolls are the largest breed of cat you will find, the males sometimes weighing in at twenty pounds. They have long hair that is fine and easy to manage. Coloring for standard breeds is varied and resembles in many ways the point markings of a Siamese. For being able to choose from true bloodlines, check CFA standards. This will also help you in choosing a trustworthy breeder.

Think about how scary it will be for a kitten going into a new environment. Learn from a breeder what your kitten has been used to as far as other pets and children. Many times, you will want to choose a kitten that has already been well socialized in an environment that is similar to the one you have at your home. Introducing him or her to family members, including other pets, should be a slow and easy process.

For the best cat, shooing the Ragdoll breeders that are caring and dedicated to the breed will be the greatest choice you could make. Taking the time to investigate a breeder can pay off when you get the cat you are dreaming of owning.

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