Fascinating Tidbits Regarding Pets You Might Not Know

September 11, 2009

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Throughout history, animals have been an integral part in lives of people all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if they were used to hunt or just for company, having a pet has brought happiness to many people.

For instance, in ancient Rome, many birds and dogs were tamed to become pets. They were used to bring comfort to their owners and to relax them, and there are a lot of sculptures and mosaics that are dedicated to these animals. There are some breeds of dog that are still around today, like the Greyhound (which used to be called Italians Greyhound), which were used by the Romans as “hot pillows” to keep them from being cold when they were sick. In ancient Rome, dogs were treated different than cats; for example they were allowed to have names. Some of the usual names for ancient Roman dogs would be Juba, Casca, Sila, and Titus.

Four thousand years ago, the Egyptians were the earliest people to make cats their pets.

They were first used to kill rodents, but then the Egyptians became quite fond of the cats. Particular scenes on the tombs of ancient Egyptians show how important cats were to their lives. They would also place statues of the cats at the front of their homes, too keep spirits that were evil and bad luck away. The cat goddess, Bastet, was said to protect all of the cats and the Egyptian children. The cats of ancient Egypt were not just protected by the individuals who loved them, they were protected by a law that said if you hurt a cat, you could be put to death. There were also laws preventing individuals from taking the cats out of Egypt, and there are records that state how armies would go out and bring back all the cats that were taken out of Egypt.

It has been a long time since people started keeping fish and reptiles as pets as well. Evidence of goldfish kept as pets exists as far back as 220-390 B.C. during the Chun dynasty. People of high social rankings such as Buddhist monks or those belonging to royalty usually bred and raised goldfish. Contained in bowls or other glass containers, goldfish became more commonplace in lots of households during the Ming dynasty Their popularity expanded, and these “golden carps” began to multiply; they were eventually exported to Europe and Japan during the 15th century. It was rumored that luck and prosperity resulted from having a fish in the household. Their gracious movements were also said to aid in relaxation and help with stress relief.

A great diversity of cultures has continually found pets to be trustworthy companions and lifetime allies.

Many people can’t imagine life without a pet today. However, we have to remember that we’re responsible for the well-being of whatever pet we choose. The purchase of a pet should take careful planning, and it shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. We have to make sure our pets are healthy and have safe living arrangements as responsible owners. Having a pet takes dedication; it isn’t just a hobby since they need lots of affection and care. Our ancestors taught us well about the amount of dedication and attention we need to give to our pets. We’re lucky to be alive during a time in which it’s easy to get gourmet treats and excellent accessories and toys for our pets. Beyond being possible, it’s also pretty cheap and very easy to accomplish. Let’s show our pets how much we love them and are thankful for the joy they bring to our lives without asking for anything in return.

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