Find A Great Pet In A Border Terrier

February 21, 2010

in Cat Health

The Border Terrier is a level tempered dog that you might see being used as a therapy dog. They are known to have a high capacity to think independently and are very smart dogs. Terriers are extremely agile and have powerful jumping ability.

The Border Terrier enjoys running, which means that you need to keep them extremely active. They come from a long line of foxhunters, used by hunter’s to flush the fox out of the hole as well as hunting badgers and otters. They are extremely fast with the capabilities of jumping very high considering the shortness of their legs.

Beware of these little runners, they have been known to chase many a small animal like cats, mice and others. It’s in their blood but you can break the habit if the Border Terrier is raised with the animal. But when you are outside your domain, keep an eye on them because they can disappear in a flash if something catches their eye.

You do have to watch the stuffed animals around the house. The Border Terrier has been know to destroy and consume these stuffed fury friends. If your dog becomes lethargic, unable to sleep, non-interested in affection, best to get him to the vet for an x-ray just to rule out illness.

While these dogs are typically very active, they do love to just lounge in the park and take in the sites. Watching all the goings-on is something they enjoy. They are known to be a bit stubborn once they get settled and often refuse to get up and along, especially when they are tired!

There are a few health problems common to the Border Terrier such as seizures, juvenile cataracts, hip Dysplasia, retinal diseases to name a few. They can also be slow to anesthetize even though they are sensitive to anesthetics. They can also have a very high threshold for pain.

Border Terrier’s fall in the medium size category weighing in at between 11 and 15 pounds with the females usually weighing the least. Their coats are dirt and weather resistant that requires a weekly brushing. They do shed but the weekly brushing can help with this issue as well as hand stripping a couple of time a year.

Command training with these dogs from an early age on will allow you to have better control over your overly impulsive pup. Being consistent and providing them with adequate exercise can keep them in line. Their eagerness to please and love for people makes them a good dog for family pets.

Border Terrier’s can be a nice addition to you family, just remember their limitations. Socializing your dog early on can minimize the confrontational attitude of this dog. While it’s not displayed often, it can occur so keep a watchful eye on your new pup and all should go well.

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