Find Out Your Animal’s Purpose With Animal Communication.

September 4, 2009

in Cats

We are considered a nation of animal lovers, and as a country we spend thousands of pounds each year on their care. We pay out for vet’s visits, training and diets, but do we love our animals enough to listen to them? Through animal communication you can learn to do this. You can talk to the animals and ask them their opinions. Animal communication is a very natural connection.

Many years ago animals were considered as lesser beings, purely for our pleasure or profit, and completely devoid of feelings or emotions. Thankfully that barbaric attitude has changed somewhat and yet they are still brutally tortured in the name of science or the food industry, so perhaps things have not changed so very much!

I like the idea of them being our equals, our brothers and sisters along with the whole of nature. God gave us this planet to enjoy, not rape, plunder and destroy, and that includes all life upon the Earth.

By practising animal communication you can get in touch with their feelings and thoughts and then a real partnership develops. You can ask them what do they require of you. What are their needs and preferences; you can even reach a mutual agreement in a problem area.

One of my dogs refused to come back at the end of a walk no matter what I did. When I started to learn animal communication I simply told her how annoying it was. If she still refused to come when the walk was over then she wasn’t going to go out again! Thankfully she listened, but in order for our partnership to really flourish I’ve had to listen to her needs too.

Animals are good for you! Science has proved that just the act of stroking a pet can reduce our blood pressure. We have invented animal therapy, guide dogs for the blind, deaf and disabled, just to mention a few ways the animals help us. These are great gifts, but they do have far more to offer.

They will share their own life experiences, inform you of their needs, likes and dislikes and from my experience in animal communication, they are only too willing to help you with yours. They will make you laugh, or cry or gasp with wonder, but the animals will share all they know with you, if you’ll just listen.

By learning animal communication you can tune into their thoughts and feelings and be aware of just how complex these feelings are. Animals are every bit as emotional as us, just as intelligent and filled with a unique inspiring wisdom. Ask them, they will respond, reveal their purpose in your life and always be there to guide and teach you. All we have to do is listen.

Animal communication is not just a gift; it is a blessing and one that will enrich your life, and your animals. ‘Ask the beasts and they shall teach ye.’ Job Twelve v Seven.

Soo is an author and a true animal carer find out more on how you can Learn Animal Communication more resources can be found at James French Animal Communication

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