Finding Cat and Dog Necklaces Made From Healing Stones

October 7, 2009

in Cats

Numerous websites offer holistic or alternative health solutions for your pet. Such websites specialize in creating cool dog necklaces created from different semi-precious stones and crystals. These necklaces are made from various healing stones that are believed to possess healing power.

The ancient Chinese believed that semi-precious stones and crystals contained natural powers that gave those who possessed them healthy benefits and a long life. Crystals are created by the natural power of our planet, and it is believed that some of the earth’s energy is passed into stones and crystals.

Different websites have studied the benefits of different stones and crystals, and then used the stones to create gorgeous cat and dog necklaces. The necklaces are designed to provide an alternative healing solution for your pet, and provide some style.

By now you must be wondering which stones and crystals are being used. Some are listed below, along with their intriguing properties:

Tiger Eye – Believed to release tension, and helps with stomach ailments.

Lapis Lazuli – Believed to aid with depression, and help with respiratory issues.

Quartz – Believed to possess general healing powers. Helps to eliminate toxins.

A necklace made from the above stones can provide some benefits to your pet. Different stones are used to create the necklaces that relieve stress in your pet, instil calm, help with depression, aid in pain relief, and help your pet sleep.

You can find some awesome options for a cat or dog necklace by continuing to conduct some research. Learn about the different options for pet necklaces and the stones and crystals used to create them. There are some really cool pet necklaces available that are fashioned from healing stones designed to meet the health needs of your pet.

Finding a cool cat or dog necklace is easy, but it is better to have one made from some interesting stones.

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