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May 30, 2015

in Cat Health

Fleas are among one of the most well known and hated pests in the modern world. Like mice, rats and other pests, fleas can be carriers of disease and live from the stemma of their victims. Their bites are painful, causing a red mark that can swell, itch and rest for two weeks. They will attack humans, cats, dogs and birds, making them assorted predators that do not recognize between their prey. Once an infestation has occurred in your work or home, fleas can be very difficult to remove. As with many other pests, it is much easier to assert against an infestation than to rectify one once it has begun. You may need to resort to extremely toxic chemicals, such as those found in flea foggers, to take out the pests once they have begun to breed.

If you are faced with fleas, knowing how they breed can help you fight their infestation. Like many species, fleas require humidity to breed. If you cut the total of humidity in the air within your home, the number of larvaethat survive to become fullfleas is drastically cut. This can be done by buying a dehumidifier and letting the air in your home turn dry. While this may be exceptionable for some, doing this for several weeks will greatly reducing the number of fleas in your home.

While you are dehumidifying your home, you can vacuum up a great many fleas. By vacuuming all of the rooms in your home and immediately disposing of the vacuum bags, you can also greatly reduce the number of fleas.

Using your pets as living flea killers is another option. Medications such as Advantage and Front Line are intentional to kill the fleas that your pet is exposed to. This allows you to prevent your pets from being bothered while reducing the number of fleas that can breed.

All of these things can be used together to help combat the problem of fleas. However, you should be careful with the use of chemicals and natural flea products. Both the chemicals and natural problems can be toxic to pets and children. When you begin using these, you need tomake certain that you take the time to protect your family against he products you use. If you set resistive wards close to your home, inform your family and place them where your pets cannot access them.

If you take the proper precautions, you will be able to make your life a lot more comfortable, as well as protect your family and pets from diseases and discomfort.

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