For Some People Pets Are Just Like Children

July 13, 2009

in Cats

Do you know any super fanatical pet owners? You know what I am talking about. Do you know someone who has one of those automatic litter boxes. Pets are people too for some people. At least that’s what you’ll hear from crazy pet lovers like me. People like me are the ones that dress their little furry friend up in outfits. We also let them eat off of supper plates just like any other person would in our homes. To people like us, pets are just like family members. We are just as interested in their health and well being as we are about our real kids. We fret about them and take great enjoyment in their individual personalities.

Everyone knows that there are lots of American couples who have never had any kids of their own. Some adults just aren’t capable of conceiving for one reason or another. Some people have chosen to be bachelors or otherwise remain single. Sometimes single adults find themselves desiring the gratification of parenting a child. If having an actual baby isn’t an option for whatever reason, some of these decent people might choose to love a pet as if it were their actual kid.

Who can blame these decent people for desiring that kind of love in their life? Most pets are so lovable that it is easy to understand how they fill the roll. Many of you probably know friends or relatives who treat their pet like it was one of their own children. It doesn’t make them crazy.

Is it somebody’s birthday? If your cat is going to be just like a regular part of the family, why not have a birthday party for her on her birthday? Why not do what you would do for any other kid. You can make her a special birthday cake. Put candles in it and help her blow it out. Sing happy birthday to her just like you would a child. Then when you’re done, go ahead and let her tear open her presents. If it is a kitten, you should wrap some kind of catnip filled toy in loose wrapping paper so she will be able to tear it open like a kid.

Get out your digital video camera. Don’t forget to tape the special moment so you can share it online. Look at how many other pet lovers have posted home movies of their pets online there. There are some really good ones with cats on there. If you don’t believe me take a look for yourself.

Even though you don’t have any human children around home, or even if you do, it doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate your cat’s special day. Shop for some new kinds of toys for your little furry pal and enjoy the moment just as you would with a regular kid.

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