Freestanding Pet Gate – Is It Really Safe?

September 7, 2017

in Cat Care

A freestanding pet gate offers the simplest way to close off a particular room or space to confine your pet without any kind of fixtures. To know whether they are really safe you have to look at the features offered by the different types of freestanding gates available.

The Freestanding pet gates require absolutely no fitting and the minimal amount of the assembly. The 2 most common types are T – bar door and the Zigzag gate.

Let us take a look at the T-bar first. The T- bar gates are supported with T-bars on either sides of the gate to stable them. The feet are upright to this gate and the measurement differs from about 15 to 18 inches or as per the gate length. As the length increases and so does the feet of T-bar’s.

The Zigzag gate on the other hand gains stability from the ‘W’ pattern of its multiple panels, usually ranging from 2 to 5. The panels are arranged in a zigzag pattern to create stability.

While it is clear how these two types of gates are supported, their capability to withstand the efforts of your pet however depends on the size and determination of your pet. Taking their stability source into consideration it is most likely that an active pet will be able to topple or push a freestanding pet gate without any barrier on the other side to stop the motion.

One of the most practical ways to choose a safe pet gate is to buy a trial gate and carefully observe the reactions of the pet when we are at home. The free standing gates are now becoming very popular and the popularity is a method to show the success and the effectiveness of the pet gate.

Freestanding gates are becoming more and more popular and their popularity is also a measure of their success and effectiveness as pet gate.

But they do have their own limitations in length and drawbacks like cannot be used for staircase or hazardous areas. So, make sure to learn more about freestanding pet gate before you decide that they are the right choice for your needs.

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