Frontline Flea Medicine For Greater Cat Vigor.

April 8, 2014

in Cats

When it comes to pet flea treatments, Frontline topspot is the number one choice for vets in North America.

Frontline dog kills up to one hundred percent of the fleas on your dog or cat within 24 hours and up to 100% of ticks within 48 hours.

It works effectively for one month, twice as long as its next competitor which is why it occupies the top spot.

Being waterproof, many owners with active dogs choose Frontline flea and tick.

Dog flea medications use chemical formulations to kill the parasites which may seem harsh.

Frontline flea and tick is so gentle it can be used on kittens and puppies of 8 weeks old and on nursing mothers.

It works the best for your cat or dog, and it works with one application onto the coat, just a dot of the liquid on the back of the neck.

Through a method called translocation, the flea medication is dispersed over the entire coat.

It is normally advisable to try to keep your dog or cat dry for at least 24 hours to allow this process to happen.

Once the medication is translocated on your pet, it remains on the coat for 4 weeks, during which time it should be unnecessary to re-apply.

Frontline top spot comes in three types:

A spray used for rapid of severe flea and tick infestations.

Then there’s Top Spot which has all the features of the spray for routine control.

Best of all is Frontline pet with an extra ingredient which actually breaks the flea’s breeding cycle.

Frontline top spot is the most recent product in the Frontline treatment family.

Because feline fleas breed after being present on the host for 24-36 hours, and it kills fleas within 18 hours, further infestation is prevented.

You may see more fleas on your cat or dog during the 18 hours as the product causes hyper-agitation in the parasites and brings them to the surface of the coat before their demise.

Frontline Plus purple is the most popular medication for dogs & cats, and in trials it was discovered that it killed a higher percentage of fleas over the 28 day period.

Advantage flea control for dogs & cats is made by Bayer is a very similar product to Frontline flea and tick, but merely slightly less effective.

Many dog or cat owners are very happy though with Advantage, so if you are using this brand, you don’t have anything to be concerned about.

There really isn’t much between them in the debate over which is better for cats & dogs.

Vets trust it, but of course there are many other brands of flea spray for dogs and other pet flea medications on the market, including organic flea treatments.

Frontline Plus cats has been proven to be the most effective way to exterminate fleas on dogs & cats.

Side effects are small (although certain individuals may be allergic) and the medication does not have an expiration date.

Frontline flea control is the best on the market in terms of ridding your dog or cat of fleas.

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