Frontline Plus For Cats Is Super Effective In Killing Fleas.

November 26, 2012

in Cat Health

by Rebecca Foxton

So you use Frontline on your dog, right, but did you also know is is available for cats too?

Frontline Plus for dogs is only intended for dogs, so don’t assume you can use it on your cat or rabbit.

When administered in the way it was intended, your cat will experience a flea and tick free life.

Frontline Plus is approved by the EPA and FDA and for sale all over the planet. Usually a prescription is unnecessary.

Owners rave about it as it deals with ticks and fleas effectively for the longest time of all products on the market.

Flea infestations are at best irritating for cats, but a flea bite can lead to all kinds of skin complaints such as flea allergic dermatitis and potentially hair loss as well, as the cat will repeatedly lick the affected area until the hair is gone.

Frontline is both harsh against fleas but gentle on the animal.

With a winning combination of fipronil and methoprene,fleas and ticks are dispatched speedily. Within two days all ticks will be dead and within one day, it is the same scenario for fleas.

It also interrupts the flea and tick breeding cycle meaning that it isn’t only adult fleas that are tackled, but also the larval and egg stages.

Biting lice also get their marching orders in the same dose.

Suitable for all cats over 2 months old, it provides a solution for the irritating problems of fleas and ticks and also therefore stops your cat being exposed to the diseases these critters carry.

All you have to do is get your cat between your knees, pick a spot at the back of his neck, part the fur and put the liquid dose onto the skin; that’s it for the month; imagine too it’s water resistant and comes with full medical proof it works.

As long as the treatment is applied to pets exactly as directed, they will stay clear of ticks and fleas for the duration.

Of course it is both safe and it works, that’s what you would expect from a product made by world famous Merial.

Frontline buyers state that it really works, whereas other cheaper brands weren’t effective in the treatments of ticks and fleas in cats.

they loved the fact it was waterproof, so even if some seasonal weather got your cat soaked, the treatment is still there and still working.

Frontline Plus is the ultimate in pet care products and bad news for ticks and fleas.

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