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November 8, 2010

in Cats

This is a huge subject that we will tackle over several articles. We may tend to get a bit graphic but this is a topic that I feel passionately about and so I will share some unsavory facts. This is a “hot” topic and one thing to keep in mind is this: “You are able to choose what foods you eat; your pets depend on you to choose for them. Choose wisely!”

I love fast food restaurants. I probably would enjoy eating at them everyday, however I know that this is not healthy for me. If you agree with this, then let’s talk!

First, think about your cat living in the wild. What would the cat eat? When was the last time you caught a cat munching in the cornfields? Have you seen a cat eating rotting flesh? Depending on what you are feeding, your cat could be eating exactly that.

Now get your cat’s food and look at the label. What are the first three ingredients? The first three represent the main products that make up the recipe. Is your food full of just plain meat? Awesome, because your cat is a carnivore. Is the food full of corn, corn products, soy, wheat, by-products or animal digest? Uh-oh, that is surely an issue.

When selling a product, some cat food companies say that their particular blend of food is “chicken”, but if you look closer, there may not actually be any chicken in the food. This is where flavoring comes into play, where when the fine print is examined, it is discovered that the food is actually chicken flavored.

Now let’s look for by-products. Yuck! By-products are left over parts of animals that are not necessarily healthy or even alive. Yes, they can be necks, intestines, waste of dead, dying or diseased animals.

Animal digest is where we start getting a bit graphic. Animals that are included are goats, pigs, rats, horses, euthanized animals from shelters, supermarket waste, and road kill. A cat food with animal digest could be exactly that; a food made from cats.

Many pet foods label themselves premium food, but you must do the research and find out which foods are truly good. In following articles we will address why you should feed a quality diet, what to look for and what are the health consequences to feeding low quality diets. For now, start looking for foods that have meat as the number one ingredient and have no grains at all. Avoid looking at websites for particular companies as they are trying to sell you their brand.

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