Cat Grooming: What To Do With All That Fur

December 5, 2009

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People might be surprised at just how much fur one cat can actually shed. Long-haired breeds produce a lot of fur, but even short-haired cats can shed astonishing volumes of the stuff. Is there anything you can do to keep the situation under control?

Keeping your cat’s coat in good shape can be an important way to make your little companion happy and comfortable. The first key is, of course, good nutrition. You’ll notice, on regular veterinary visits, that the vet can tell a lot about the cat’s health just by seeing how shiny and healthy the coat is. Much of that good health comes from within, from the food consumed.

You also need to do your share when it comes to your cat’s grooming by brushing it regularly. Try out different kinds of cat grooming tools to see which are most effective. Many cat owners swear by a brushing tool called the FURminator, which seems to go deeper and pull out more loose fur than other brushes. But whatever tool your cat tolerates best, every bit of combing and brushing you can manage on a regular basis will be a help.

Yet even with regular brushing, often you will notice that mats have formed. These can accumulate in spots where the cat can’t easily groom: the bottom of the tail, the inside of the rear legs, and so on. Mats can also arise in areas where the cat sleeps or rests, for example, down their right side if they most often stretch out on that side.

Some of these mats, being made of dead, loose fur, come loose fairly easily if worked at with a brush or even the fingers. Be careful, though, not to pull at them too hard, in case you really hurt the skin. But other mats get too large or well anchored to come off without a lot of work. And some simply have to be cut out.

However, if you get too close to the skin with scissors, you could cut the skin itself, and you don’t want to risk that for poor kitty. One surprisingly good tool for dealing with mats is a small, shielded razor-style letter opener. Sometimes these can be slipped right under the mat, and the razor edge inside will slice through the fur.

The most important thing is that the cat’s fur is kept in good condition. By brushing and keeping it free of tangles, you can help lessen hairballs, promote healthy growth, and provide your kitty a lovely coat it can be pleased with.

Pets are an important part of our lives and their well being is a priority. So when it comes to pet grooming information we want the best, most current and most reliable sources of information available. Whether it’s tips for dog or cat grooming you’re looking for, visit the Pets Grooming site.

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