Gourmet Cat Food from Home

February 15, 2016

in Cat Health

Make your cat your own version of gourmet cat good by preparing them homemade cat food. Reduce the risk of your cat eating dangerous bacteria or other substances that are sometimes found in cat food purchased in stores. Protect your pet from dangerous foods on the market, just as you protect your family from foods that have been recalled or are considered unsafe.

When you make homemade cat food for your pet, you will need to add meat, starchy foods and vegetable into the mix. The most basic meals have meat, rice and carrots or other vegetables. If your cat deserves a gourmet treat, use tasty meats and a variety of vegetables along with potatoes and rice. Just be certain that every meal contains starches, vegetables and a meat product.

Eggs and other dairy foods should also be added to your cats food. Rice, potatoes and even pasta can be used to provide your cat with the necessary starches for their diet. Beef and ground turkey are most commonly used in recipes for homemade cat food. Liver and kidney meats provide many nutrients for your pet, not to mention a taste they will enjoy.

You can cook the meat you will use for the homemade cat food ahead of time. You can throw all the ingredients together into a food processor. The mixture of food can then be cooked for your cat. You can make enough for the day or make food for two or three days of feeding for your cat. Any food that you make ahead of time should be tossed out after about 72 hours of being refrigerated.

Meat should be processed in a blender for your cat before it is placed in the cat food. You will want to ensure that your cat will be able to chew and digest their cat food without any difficulty. Search online for homemade cat food recipes in order to find instructions for preparing a variety of meals for your favorite cat.

Your cat can gain many healthful benefits from homemade cat food. You can protect your cat from chemicals used to process cat food that is available in stores. In addition, you can help to avoid bacteria and other dangers that can find their way to cat food in stores. You should talk to your cats veterinarian before you start to make their homemade cat food.

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