Grooming Your Cat Helps To Thwart Hairballs

March 31, 2010

in Cats

Everyone who owns a cat knows that wherever there are cats you will also find hairballs. Cats’ grooming habits require swallowing lots of hair. Nearly all of the swallowed hair passes safely through your cat’s digestive tract, but problems occur if the hair doesn’t make its way out of the system. As time goes by the undigested fur begins to accumulate and collect, and soon a hairball develops in the cat’s belly. The larger the hairball becomes, the more significant a threat it poses to the cat’s health.

As a rule cats will rid themselves of a hairball by coughing it up. The sound they make when trying to hack up a hairball is much like someone afflicted with dry heaves, but the sound is a little higher pitched.

As unhappy as cat owners might be about having balls of half digested hair littering their house, they will be even less pleased about sizable hairballs that remain in their cat’s stomach. Once the huge hairball travels into the cat’s intestines it may produce a blockage that often means a hasty visit to the vet for immediate surgery, which can set you back a few hundred bucks.

Indicators that your kitty is suffering from a hairball are: ignoring their usual grooming routine and allowing their coat to become grubby and matted, incessant hacking and coughing, lack of appetite, bowel problems, and depression. Cats with long hair, on account of the length of their fur, are more at risk of hairballs than their short haired counterparts.

Grooming is a wonderful way for cat owners to prevent the formation of hairballs. Brushing your cat once a day will remove dead hairs from the cat’s coat. Which means they won’t be around to adhere to the cat’s tongue and later be swallowed to form a hairball. Though any brush can be utilized to groom your cat, a cat brush purchased at a pet store has bristles which are particularly intended for cat fur.

Should you have a cat with long hair, or maybe a cat with short hair that seems prone to hairballs, you may wish to look into giving your cat a haircut to get rid of surplus hair. Fur that is no longer on the cat’s body can’t wreak havoc on its digestive tract.

Pets are an important part of our lives and their well being is a priority. So when it comes to pet grooming information we want the best, most current and most reliable sources of information available. Whether it’s dog or cat grooming tips you’re looking for, visit the Pets Grooming site to find out more.

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