Grout Cleaning For Your Pet?s Sake

April 30, 2016

in Cat Health

Do not let this happen to your pet, as it did to Rover.

Recently, Rover (my pet dog) was diagnosed with black mold poisoning. Apparently, my household had an area where there was an abundance of this organism; a potentially airborne fungus that can poison the lungs. This came as a huge surprise for me; I always took pride in keeping a clean household.

I looked up black mold and found quite a lot of interesting things about it. One that caught my attention was that the organism grew in places that were constantly moist, places where my dog usually hung out. I just needed this bit of information to find out where the black mold could have been growing.

Funny how I didn’t notice the black mold growing before; but even with all my cleaning, I have apparently been neglecting the grout in between the kitchen tiles! I never gave it much thought, as it was just a narrow space in between. But apparently, grout is a fine place for black mold to grow in. I now know it is necessary to clean in between the tiles.

Before I bring Rover home, I realized I needed to free my house from black mold. I initially thought I could just as well do it myself, but then I read that scrubbing black mold from grout may result in more mold going airborne. I had no intention of ending up like Rover, so I searched around for another way.

So, I opted to just hire professional grout cleaners to do the job for me. For a reasonable price, they got rid of the black mold infesting my kitchen floors. They also gave me recommendations to stop the black mold from coming back on my grout! With these measures, I will probably just need to call them up at two times a year, at the most. Rover is still in need of an operation, but when he does come home, he’ll go home to a mold-free house.

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