Grout Cleaning For Your Pets

November 14, 2015

in Cat Health

The other day I took my normally hyperactive German Shepherd dog to the veterinarian. He looked weak and unresponsive and didn’t have much of an appetite. This concerned me a bit and so, I brought him to the vet.

The tests results came back and the diagnosis was a bit concerning. The doctor said that my dog of three years had a bit of lung infection. And this was caused by black mold which got into his system.

Well, I never knew that! I apparently have a black mold infestation in my own house. Because I generally like to keep my living area clean to keep my pet (and myself, of course) healthy, I went online and surfed around for sites that could give me info.

I found out that a fungus that is scientifically named Stachybotrys Chartatum tends to take root in the grout between tiles. I looked around the house for places where I have tiles. There’s definitely none in the kitchen, as I have polished concrete counters. But the bathroom was another story; almost every surface was tiled.

I regularly clean my bathrooms. Maybe once every two weeks. But my focus has always been directed to the toilet seat and the tiles, and I’ve never taken notice of the grout in between. I have always scrubbed the grout, but not much was done in the way of getting it white. I actually like the contrast of the dark colored grout against the white tiles. But, as it happened, the dark color was harmful.

My findings online also said that scrubbing it would be particularly harmful, and advised to call in a professional instead. Which I did. So in a matter of days, we scheduled an appointment and they came by to clean the grout. They were just about done in a handful of hours.

On the other hand, I cleaned the rest of the place myself, not leaving a single dust bunny lying around. I want to make sure that when my dog is cleared, then this home will be a safe place for him.his home will be a safe place for him.

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